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Frequently Asked Questions

We will be making every effort to consistently update our frequently asked questions each time we receive a new question. Please check in often, and if you still have any questions, feel free to call us at 860-225-6581.

1. Where is the gun made?:  The A-10American , as with all Connecticut Shotgun guns, is manufactured in its entirety in New Britain , CT.   On occasions some smaller parts or initial machining operations will be sub-contracted if we are over capacity, in an effort to deliver products on time.  We do not just assemble purchased parts, we machine virtually everything ourselves.  Guns are designed, machined, assembled and finished in our own facility in New Britain , CT , USA .  We have nearly 3 acres of manufacturing space on one floor.

2. How are the parts made?:  Every component that is subject to wear is machined from either a square or a profile forging.  Unlike many gun manufacturers, we do not use castings or powdered metals for major components.

3. How was the mechanical design chosen for the A-10 American?:   We combined the best ideas for full sidelock shotguns that would be cost effective, but without sacrificing anything in regards to aesthetics and  reliability. The results of this laborious research was the A-10 American;  A patent pending design of a full hand detachable sidelock with an integral bridle and a draw bolt stock. The previously unheard of design of the A-10 American allows the top and bottom tang to be connected through tang screws, which allows for contraction and expansion due to rapid heating and cooling. This makes for a much more reliable sidelock shotgun, especially when doing high volume shooting. We have learned this through many years of studying various best shotguns.

The A-10 American Shotgun Design4. Why is it called the A-10 American? The "A" stands for the high grade standards that the A-10 American was crafted to. The 10 in A-10 American represents the inaugural year of this best shotgun's great legacy, and the American in A-10 American is because it is proudly built in the United States of America.

5. Engraving:  We have developed a proprietary process for the engraving of the A-10 American.  The A-10 American features two styles; the standard and the deluxe.  The standard grade showcases a beautiful American scroll and bouquets. The Deluxe version features a magnificent engraving of a pointer with pheasants on one lock and a Setter with a Pheasant on the other lock, all surrounded by an impeccable scroll engraving. All these engravings are executed in a Bulino style. This highly detailed engraving is executed to the highest level. Even the inside of the lock bridle on the deluxe grade gun is engraved. Connecticut Shotgun has under contract some of the worlds most renowned engravers( We actually have more guns being engraved by the worlds best engravers than any other company), so if you would like a custom engraving, we would like to hear any ideas you might have and we would be very happy to work with you.

6. Case color receiver option:  This is done by traditional bone and charcoal method and is available through our custom shop.

7. French grayed:  This is hardening process will leave the receiver with a slightly gray color.  The engraving background is dark and the contrast will show the engraving very well. This will leave the gun looking virtually new, even after many years of use. It is performed with a special plasma nitrate process that will extend the life of your gun by many years. This is the only finish that is available outside of the custom shop for either the standard or deluxe.

A-10 American Deluxe Shotgun8. Wood:  We use American Black Walnut because of it's significant strength advantages. We buy a lot of wood for our guns and sometimes we buy large lots of wood to be able to procure some of the best pieces. We have been storing wood for many years and have a very large supply available for the A-10 AmericanClick here for comparative wood strengths and you will understand why we use American Black Walnut.  Through our custom shop we offer virtually any other choice of wood as well as custom stock dimensions.

9. Checkering:  The checkering is 24 lines per inch.

10. Draw bolt:  All stocks are fastened to the gun with a draw bolt.

11. Stock dimensions:  On the lighter straight stock the LOP is  14 5/8" x  2.4 " x  1 1/2" with a neutral cast. The pitch approximately 4.25 degrees.  The Pistol grip is a much heavier target type stock, it has 14 1/2" LOP  2 3/8" drop at heel,  1 1/2" drop at comb and a neutral cast. It has approximately 4 degree of pitch. Please keep in mind that the A-10 American has an adjustable trigger on a dove tail that allows for approximately ½ in. of movement. Click here for stock measurements.

12. Forends:  There are two forends available. A standard small hunting type forend that is slim and tapered and a larger fluted target type forend.

13. What is Cryo Pattern?:  This is a trademark process by Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co.  After the barrel blank is gun drilled and turned, the barrels are put into a very deep freeze.  This releases any stress that the metal has endured during the forging. This procedure prevents warping and twisting of the tubes, even after firing multiple shells and reheating the barrels.  This is the best method that we have found to make sure the tubes remain perfectly straight.

14. What is Hard Gold?  This is a trademark process by Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co.  After the parts are machined they are hardened with Hard Gold. In this process the parts are gold washed to prevent rust, and a special hardness is added that will significantly increase life of your A-10 American.

15. What is Tuff Bore?:  This is a trademark process by Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co.  It’s a very hard internal plating, that allows you to shoot any type of shot that we know of without damaging the barrel.  We decided to do this because many shooting ranges and hunting areas are restricting the use of lead shot and might eliminate lead completely.

16. Stock Style:  Pistol grip and straight grip stocks are available on both the standard and the deluxe grade gun.

17. Single trigger:  It is a single selective trigger. The trigger pulls are approximately 4 to 5lbs. The trigger is completely adjustable for length up to a half inch on our precision dove tail system and it is coated with our trademarked Hard Gold system. Because it is a sidelock gun, the trigger pulls are sharp and crisp.

The A-10 American is an expression of the highest gumanker's art18. Weight and balance:  There are many factors that contribute to this: Barrel length, stock style etc. Every A-10 American comes with a stock weight balancing system in the butt stock that will allow you to change the balance point of the gun or remove it completely and make the gun much lighter. Also, the barrels under the forend have the ability to accept our barrel weight system, which allows you to easily change the dynamics of the gun by adding or subtracting weights. This is included in every gun. The lightest configuration is approximately 7 ½ lbs.

19. Wood finish:  We use oil only. It is applied in a proprietary method to infuse it into the wood. The finish is very deep and not just on the surface like virtually every other gun. The wood is coated on every possible surface, inside and out on both forend and butt stock. This allows you to remove scratches and polish the wood to its original luster and makes the A-10 American impervious to the elements and moisture. This is a satin finish, but we do offer a high gloss oil finish through our custom shop.

20. How is the gun marked?:  It is marked Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co., New Britain, CT, USA, A-10 American. If it is a deluxe version it is engraved both on the inside of the frame and on the inside of the hand detachable sidelock.

21. How long has Galazan / Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co. been in business?:  It was founded in 1975 by Antony Galazan who is still the President and CEO. He still operates the business personally, at every level possible. It is a small privately owned company.

Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co. gunsmiths22. When will deliveries begin?:  The full swing of deliveries will commence in April, 2010.

23. What type of warranty?  The A-10 American standard has a 5 year limited warranty on any mechanical defects. The A-10 American deluxe comes with a lifetime limited warranty.  We fully stand behind all of our products and we are recognized in our field for outstanding customer service and personal attention.

24. Fit and Finish:  The A-10 American has superior wood to metal fits and metal to metal fits. We make everything in our own factory and control all aspects of the quality of this gun.  The A-10 American is a very highly engineered precision product.  There are no gaps or spaces, and no inexpensive finishing techniques.  The appearance of this gun should be compared with guns that cost much more.    Our gun is finished as clean on the inside as it is on the outside.  One of the major differences between a fine gun and a poorly made gun is the degree of finishing work that takes place.  While many guns that have precision wood to metal fits are subject to expansion and contraction due to fluctuating weather, the A-10 American is not. Our Satin and high gloss proprietary oil stock finish is deeply imbedded into the wood through the use of heat and pressure, this process prevents any movement. The A-10 American  is built to a very high standard.

25.  Wood drying:  Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co. has a lot of experience in buying and handling the very best wood the world has to offer. We find the old growth Black American trees for the exemplary A-10 American stocks. Click here to see comparative wood strengths.  We dry all of our own wood here in our own facility.

26. Will there be other gauges and additions of the A-10 American?:  The A-10 American is available in a 12 gauge with the option of adding a 20 or a 28 gauge barrel, and in a 20 gauge small action with the option of ordering a set of 28 gauge barrels. Additional barrels can go on to your gun without any required fitting or need of a new forend.

Although meticulously engineered, what makes the A-10 American perfect is the level of commitment displayed by our gunsmiths27.  Why 86-20 steel for the receiver?:  It is very strong and very durable. It also lends itself perfectly for the special plasma nitrate hardening processes that we utilize. The steel comes from the United States of America.   

28.   How can this product be made in the USA for this price? We have vast expertise in producing shotguns and we are a small efficient company without bureaucratic layers of personnel.

29.  Experience:  Our first gun, which we still produce, was our ultra high quality A. Galazan O/U. We started making them in 1993 and it has gained acclamation from all over the world as being one of the world's finest shotguns. Additionally Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co. has many years of experience building double guns.  We are currently the only manufacturer in the USA of high quality double barrel shotguns.  We also manufacture a full line of tools and accessories for shotguns, and we trade many high grade new and used shotguns, allowing us to study and compare many other types of guns. We also build the Parker shotgun for Remington and the Wayne Lapierre for the NRA. We have become the custom shop for the Winchester 21 as well as building the gun in its entirety. We have had many awards bestowed upon us by our peers. 

30.   Ejectors: All A-10 American shotguns have selective automatic ejectors.

31.  Steel:  The forgings come from a steel mill in Kentucky , USA, and the barrel steel forgings come from a steel mill in Indiana, USA .

32.  What can I expect from the different qualities of wood?:  Quality will vary but here are a few examples of the different grades:

3X Black American Walnut2X Black American Walnut

Exhibition Black American Walnut4X American Black Walnut

Above stocks are examples only. Actual stock quality may vary.

33.  Ribs:  Features a ventilated rib.

inside of sidelock on the A-10 American Deluxe Shotgun

34.  Regulation:  All barrels are regulated at 40 yards to shoot flat.

35.   Can I request a special serial number?:  You can contact the custom shop for that request.

36.    Ejector blades:  There is an over and an under and both are machined from a solid forging.

37.   Trigger guard and trigger group  They are hidden by our unique flip-up screw, the same one that is on the hand detachable side lock revealing a special torque screw.

38.  Did Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co. buy a gun line to produce the A-10 American?  NO.  Everything is designed and built by us in the USA .  We did buy new specialized machinery for making barrels and machined parts as well as hiring more trained personnel.

39. Recoil Pad:  It is a special ultra shock absorbing Galazan Pad.

40.   Choke tubes:  They are Trulock choke tubes. A choke tube wrench and five choke tubes are included: Skeet, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified and full.

The A-10 American is the crowning achievement for Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co.41.   How many A-10 American's will be made?:  We are not making that number available in any of our limited production guns. The number is based on the availability of trained workman.

42.   How long will the discount’s be in effect?:  The introductory discount is extremely limited to a very small group of guns. The customer loyalty discount will remain in effect longer. The paid in full discount will disappear soon after the introductory discount.

43.    Springs:  The main spring is a flat V main spring.
44. Can custom alterations we ordered for the A-10 American?:  Yes but you would have to go though the custom shop. Any deviation from the standard specifications makes it a custom shop gun.

45.  Chamber length:  All A-10’s  are 2 ¾ in. except the 12 gauge which is 3"

The Deluxe A-10 American Action46.  What does a 32 inch 12ga barrel weigh?:  Without the barrel weight and without ordering a special weighted gun approximately 3.7 lbs.

47.  Why can’t I get double trigger without going to the custom shop?:  We have designed the A-10 American to be built in current configurations only. The way we chose that configuration is what we thought most people would want. We train our gunsmiths to build the gun in sub-assemblies. Each man is an expert at one part of building the gun. In order to deviate from that process we have to move the gun through our custom shop, where the gunsmiths are well versed in individual gunsmithing procedures. By doing this they accomplish two things:  Cost effectively building the very highest quality gun, and because each gunsmith is an expert in one particular field, you get the best possible product.

48.   I think a $1000.00 is too much to enter the custom shop plus the cost of work?:  The custom shop guns are truly special guns. They are handcrafted for each customer. They have a lifetime warranty and many other benefits to ensure the value does not dwindle. We do not know of another full sidelock over/under hand detachable low profile shotgun with comparable quality that you could buy for less than $40,000.00. The $1,000 does not compare to the value you receive.

49.  Can I change my A-10 American specifications after I order?:  Yes. You have up to 30 days after you have placed your order to make changes. After that, it will be an extra $100 if the change can still be made.

50.  I was told that the sidelock wood is not as strong?:  The A-10 is unique, it is a full side lock but we use a patent pending design that uses a thru-bolt.  There are many advantages to this. The stock is fastened very securely to the gun and utilizes a much broader baring area, also the top and bottom tang are attached as one unit which makes the gun the most reliable design that we have ever encountered. We feel this is the strongest gun we could have ever designed and it is very attractive because it is a shallow frame sidelock.

51.  What should a 28ga weigh with 28 inch barrels?:  A straight grip 28ga with a 28" barrel is approximately 6lbs, 6oz.

52. How much is an extra forend?:  Both wood and metal extra forends are $700

53. Is this a high volume gun?:  The unique design makes this gun the strongest design we know of. Combining that with the low profile, sidelock hand detachable design makes the A-10 the perfect combination for a very high volume gun that exhibits the best of the gunmaker's art.  We do not know of a stronger design.

54. Is the engraving and checkering handmade?: Engraving and checkering layouts are performed by our proprietary process. The actual drawing layout is very time consuming, by doing this we allow our craftsman to devote their time to the actual work, producing a better end result. The actual finish work is performed by hand. We have a team of people that do the checkering as well as the engraving. That is why they are all slightly different and not exactly as pictured in some cases. It is indistinguishable from a complete hand engraving or checkering.

55. What is the difference between the hunting forend and the target forend?:

Forend Comparison

56. How is the receiver on the A-10 American made?: The receiver is forged from a solid block of 86-20 steel, it is French grayed and plasma hardened. See pictures below:


























57. What does a jeweled lock look like?: Here is an example:

Jeweled Lock

58. What does a 20 gauge Semi-Pistol Grip look like? Here are examples:










59. What does the case look like that comes with the A-10 American? Here are some examples:









The case that is included with your A-10 American is a very heavy duty aluminum case with 2 lockable draw latches and a center combination lock. All corners are fully welded and the outside edges are mitered with a special angle for strength. The case has a nylon cover that will protect the case from scratches. These cases hold the gun very securely and are very durable. Included in the case is a leather document holder and a special choke tube box and wrench. If your gun is a 2 or 3 barrel it will be shipped with a case that accommodates all sets of barrels.
If you order a matched pair, the guns will come in seperate cases.

60. Can I upgrade my case to a Leather or Oak & Leather case, if so what is the cost? Yes, you can upgrade the case. If you want to trade the aluminum case toward a leather case you would receive a $100 credit or a $250 credit toward an Oak & Leather case. If you would like to keep the aluminum case and also purchase an Oak & Leather case the cost would be $699 (for a single barrel) and you would receive a Gamekeeper canvas slip in case free.

61. What is the current production of A-10 American's look like? Click here to see an Update.


We would like to thank you for your interest in the A-10 American.  We will be constantly updating this site so check in often. If you have any further questions, please call us at 860-225-6581.   All specifications and descriptions are subject to change without notice.  


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