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Want even more out of your A-10 American? Welcome to Connecticut Shotgun Mfg Co.'s A-10 American Custom Shop.

In our constant effort to exceed our loyal patrons expectations, we have created the A-10 American Custom Shop where each A-10 American can be personalized for each owner. Our gunsmiths are some of the finest in the world, and they are eager to prove their meticulousness and care on your new handcrafted A-10 American Shotgun.

Any A-10 American ordered with a deviation from the standard specifications goes through the Custom Shop.
The cost for an A-10 American to go through the Custom Shop is $1,000.00 plus the cost of the work.
Below is a list of common Custom Shop items and prices. If you would like to have something else done to your A-10 American you can always reach us at 860-225-6581.

Admission to the Custom Shop is $1,000 plus the cost of any work

  1. Custom Shop PicCustom length of pull-   $200.00
  2. Custom built stock dimensions length of pull cast, drops-   $650.00-$1,000.00
  3. Use of customer wood -   $400.00
  4. Turkish Walnut or other Wood-   Quoted
  5. Comb riser-   $600.00
  6. Custom checkering-   Quoted
  7. Cut gold lettersĀ  for initials in stock three of them for -   $350.00
  8. High gloss oil finish-   $450.00
  9. Leather cover padsĀ  Winchester style $300.00
  10. Full cover English style leather cover pad with leather cover plugs   $575.00
  11. Color case Hardening-   $600.00
  12. Custom engraving-   Quote
  13. Special request serial numbers-   $350.00
  14. Gold oval with three initials-    $350.00
  15. Jewelling barrel flats-   $200.00
  16. Jeweled Locks-   $250.00
  17. Double trigger -  $750.00
  18. Custom trigger pulls-   $250.00A full sidelock shotgun like the A-10 American is not a mass produced item.  It's a carefully handcrafted high grade shotgun.
  19. Custom cases-    Quoted
  20. Custom patterning with pattern included-   $300.00
  21. Fixed Choke Barrels-  $900.00
  22. Long tang trigger guard-  $500.00
  23. Extra light weight gun-  $850.00
  24. Solid rib-  $900.00A-10 American Shotgun Case Colored
  25. Plain checkered butt plate-  $350.00
  26. Extra set of finished and fitted locks-  $3000.00
    (Locks will be finished with either the standard or the deluxe engraving depending on the owners choice of model)
  27. Special full rose and scroll engraving pattern with case coloring- $3500.00
    (click on the photographs to the right for a larger image)

    Prices are subject to change without notice


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