A-10 American Shotgun


Comparative Stock Strengths

As you can see from the following table, the American Black Walnut is undisputably harder and stronger than the European Walnut.

Strength Moisture Content Rupture Strength Elasticity Strength Crushing Strength Shear Strength Hardness Strength
American Black Walnut 8% 16,456 1,756,000 9,291 1,430 1,051
European Walnut 8% 13,100 1,540,000 7,320 1,320 860
American Black Walnut Strength Advantage 0% +26% +14% +27% +8% +22%

Stock Examples

3X Black American Walnut2X Black American Walnut

Exhibition Black American Walnut4X Black American Walnut


Above stocks are examples only. Actual stock quality may vary.

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